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1. The Familiarisation Focus

Educational Seminars

Educational Seminars give both knowledge and information to attendees in a relaxed and entertaining environment.

The Discovery Planner

The Discovery Planner is completed prior to the Discovery Meeting. It clarifies your thoughts, plans and objectives for the coming years.

Client and Association Referrals

Client and Association Referrals are similar in content to our educational seminars but are more discreet as they are held on a one to one basis.

The Familiarisation Meeting

The Familiarisation Meeting follows on from the above. It gives us an opportunity to discover what is happening in your world, our world and THE world.

2. The Discovery Process

The Letter of Authority

The Letter of Authority enables us to gather current and accurate data as part of our compliance file. We only collate data to report to you, we do not become an agent.

The Discovery Meeting

The Discovery Meeting is a crucial part of our process. We communicate our research findings and discuss further your goals, concerns and how we can help you through goal based Financial Planning.

The Financial Focus

The Financial Focus documents the agreed points from the Discovery Meeting as we commence a Centralised Wealth Management Process.

3. The Wealth Management Plan

The Wealth Management Plan

The Wealth Management Plan details the protection, development and retention of wealth through a Centralised Wealth Management Process.

The Recommendation Navigator

The Recommendation Navigator relates to your objectives and it details alternatives open to you to meet your goals and remove your worries and concerns. It recommends specific solutions and provides recommended implementation strategies.

4. Optional: The Planning Meeting

The Planning Meeting is an optional meeting to discuss, review and amend your Wealth Management Plan prior to commencement of The Implementation Process

5. The Implementation Process

The Implementation Process is a series of meetings to implement recommendations within the Wealth Management Plan. As a Wealth Management firm we offer the option of paying by way of fee for service or by commission. We agree our fees prior to commencing implementation.

6. The Reflection Snapshot

The Reflection Snapshot is a series of periodic reflections that keep you informed of progress. This happens with monthly model portfolio performance updates, quarterly investment reports and annual face to face reflections. Our Financial Planning Team consistently monitors the plan in the background. Each Client has a portfolio manager as a point of contact.

7. The Family Client

The Family Client is designed as a proactive relationship with you and, where appropriate, your family. Your investments and assets are managed using the Advanced Investment Strategy. Never again will you or your family need to worry about your money.